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1st Kids Vendor Day!

Event taking place on June 23rd, 2017

We had a big success with the "Kids Vendor Day" event today, at the Nogales "Little" Mercado Farmer's Market. The heat was not enough to stop the entrepreneurs spirit that these kids brought this to our weekly year around Farmer's Market. They had the opportunity to learn how to become a vendor, how to sell their products and explain the features and benefits of its products to customers. Some of them promote themselves by inviting the community to the event using the radio (thanks Maxima 99.1) We also had 0S3 summer bike camp program celebrated the end of their course. Circulos de paz y AADYCT youth program presented a film for the children.

Exitoso fue el evento de NIños vendedores por un dia hoy en el Nogales "LIttle" Mercado Farmer's Market.. El calor no fue suficiente para frenar el espiritu de emprendedurismo que estos niños trajeron hoy a nuestro Mercado comunitarios semanal, estos pequenos tuvieron la oportunidad de ser comerciantes, como vender sus productos y como explicar los beneficios y caracteristicas de sus productos a los clientes. tambien tuvieron la oportunida de invitar a la comunidad usando la radio como medio para promocionarse (gracias Maxima 99.1) y hasta utilizaron el "trueque" para intercambiarse los productos que vendian.

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